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My contribution to Adventure Time #30 Special Zine addition, written by the wonderful Ryan North. The issue is out soon??? Is out? There’s a bunch more previews up on Comics Alliance now!



If I could,
I would turn girls into dragons.

Girls whose skin
has been stained by filthy hands,
girls who are forced
to face those familiar hands
day after day,

give them armor.

Girls who are told
that womanhood means duty,
who dig
and sweat
and carry
and labor,
girls who break their backs
on someone else’s burden,

give them spiked spines.

Girls trapped in cycles:
cycles of abuse
cycles they can’t even name,
down the drain
and thrown out with the bathwater,

give them claws.

who chomp down on fear
hiding behind their teeth,
who swallow it whole
because it’s the only nourishment they’ll get,

give them razor fangs.

who thirst for knowledge
in the middle of a drought,
girls whose minds
are considered as real as their suffering,

give them fire
to burst from their mouths
in place of the words that no one hears.

whose bodies are not their own;
who are meant for decoration
and cannot decorate themselves,
who are meant for pleasure
and cannot pleasure themselves,
who are meant to be examples
and cannot exemplify themselves,

give them wings
to fly far, far away,

taste freedom in the sky,
and see it for what it should be:
a right, not a privilege.

Every girl
who is considered a possession
or a prize
or a plaything,

who lives
confined by people
who call condescension “love”
and manipulation “compromise”
and fear “respect”
and silence “consent,”

give her eyes
that strike terror into the heart
of anyone who would call her weak.

Gift girls with dragonhood
when personhood is a myth.

Dragonhood by Sarah C. (via inclementweatherdelay)


Fruit Helmuts [weibo]


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Remember girls, when walking home at night, to hold your keys between your fingers so you can beat the shit out of the dominant ideology (and perhaps aggressive wild raccoons or something).

Check out a higher-res version of this on my website!

i drew a thing.



15 layers of art. none of them labeled. one line that isn’t supposed to be there. good luck.

the solution to that is really simple. If in SAI, press ctrl+shift and it’ll tell you what layer you’re hovering over


And if in photoshop, go to the move toolimage

Make sure it is set to Layer, and either turn on Auto-Select or hold down ctrl, then click on the offending line.

Another way for Photoshop is to CTRL(/cmd) + right click on the line and you’ll get a popup with the layer highlighted!

Or a more efficient way if you like pressing more buttons is holding down CTRL+ALT (cmd+opt) and right click on the line, and you’ll skip to that layer directly!


"You and Starbucky. It’s bigger than coffee."

hey I’m alive! commish wip because i’m drawing a girl and that’s all 

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Hello guys! It’s 2014 so I thought it’d be nice to update/open up my commissions~ Right now I’m offering digital/traditional sketches and ink, as well as copics :)

The prices listed above for sketches and ink refer to busts, adding $5 for waist up while $10 more for full body. 

If you’d like to commission me a copic work, we can always talk about your preferences and price in detail ^^

Traditional works will be on 9”x12” heavyweight paper (can be mailed if you’d like!)

Digital works will be at 300 dpi. 


I use paypal at the moment and will start on the commission after I receive half of the payment! 

So if you’re interested (or if I’m confusing you) don’t hesitate to pop me a note, fanmail, or email: 

Thank you for taking your time to read this! Long post is long ;v; 

School’s out for me so I’ll have more time on commissions yayay! :D

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